Bad Eggs

The Collection

Hatched by Toikido Studios, Bad Egg Co. is a creative, story-driven collection of digital characters, securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain for authenticity and value. This unique collection is just the beginning for the brand, as we embark on our mission to turn Bad Egg into a global phenomenon. The core focus is community, culture and creativity but with the teams experience in licensing, toy, animation, gaming and music, we have some exciting things cooking... So, grab your eggs and get cracking!

Bad Egg Co.

Rooted in the vibrant streets of New Yolk City’s Sunnyside borough, Bad Egg Co. is a rebellious brand that celebrates skate culture and embraces the spirit of adventure and camaraderie. Inspired by the colourful characters and daring escapades of Sunnyside, Bad Egg Co. brings together a diverse cast of characters, each dropping in with their own unique personality and style.

Inside the box

Toikido’s chief egg, Darran Garnham, possesses over two decades of leadership experience in the global entertainment and toy industry and has played pivotal roles in iconic brands like Pokémon, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, Minions, VeeFriends and Among US. Labelled a ‘Bad Egg’ at school, Darran is known for disrupting the entertainment space with his foresight into emerging trends, strategic partnerships and innovative approach, traits that have lead to Toikido distributing over 30m products globally within two years.

The Bad Egg Co. digital collection is just the beginning: Toikido’s team is working hard to evolve the brand into a fully-fledged global brand.

Sneak Peek!

That’s right Yolks! You get the very first look at just some of the projects we're frying up... this is going to be an epic feast!

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